Wow Your Brows With Benefit

One of the most anticipated beauty launches drops this Friday and Benefits new brow range has sent the beauty lovers everywhere into a mad excitement.


The products are absolutely amazing, beautifully packaged and, in true Benefit style, absolutely leave your brows looking wow! I was one of the very lucky bloggers to be sent the amazing PR kit and it was incredible! The four brow products included were the Gimme Brow, Goof Proof Brow Pencil, Browvo! Conditioning Primer and Ka-brow.
The Gimme Brow is one of my long time favourites. It creates a natural looking fullness and defines brows to perfection while volumising, taming and tinting. Gimme Brow is water resistant, long wearing and available in three shades instead of two! The little brush makes it easy to apply and the pretty packaging is a huge plus.
Goof Proof Brow Pencil is a new product Benefit will be launching. The pencil fills and shapes brows with soft colour that’s easily build able and a non-sharpen ‘good proof’ tip. It’s also waterproof for up to twelve hours – hello perfect beach brows! My favourite feature though is the building spoolie… I’m forever loosing mine so it makes this amazing product even better.
OH WOW! This is a must have, you need it now, it will change your life product!! The Browvo! Conditioning Primer is absolutely amazing. The clear gel primer can be worn alone to tame your brows, but works so well under your brow products. Like primer for your foundation, this all new holy grail product enhances and extends the wear of your brow products. It’s amazing!
*side note: twist A LOT before you call anyone saying it’s broken because it takes forever to come out and you will look like an idiot like I did haha*
Last but certainly not least is the Ka-Brow pomade. The 24 hour waterproof colour cream is phenomenal. It’s so easily buildable for gorgeous natural colour that fills, sculpts and defines brows. This gorgeous new product comes in six shades and the most AMAZING packaging with a full size, built in brush. My absolute favourite pomade!
Head into Benefit on Friday (this Friday the 22nd) to get your hands on this gorgeous new range!
Xoxo, P&P

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