My Haircare Routine with Bhave Hair

I love my hair, my blonde locks are literally my crowning jewel (they’re on my head so it makes sense right?). So to look after them I use only the best and the best (for my hair) is Bhave. My hair care routine is simple, yet very effective and the products I use support each other in maintaining my colour, control and strength.


I use a range of products included shampoo and conditioner, hair masks and treatments to keep my hair looking great.


I have blonde hair and after years of using hair straighteners it can look a bit damaged at times. Due to this I alternate between my two favourite shampoos from the Bhave range. One night I use the ‘Bombshell Blonde’ shampoo to help banish the brassy tones that can often haunt blonde hair. The shampoo employs a brand-new, raw, natural keratin technology with keratin proteins that naturally bind damaged hair and rebuild the internal structure. The colour-correcting shampoo neutralises grey and brassy tones while adding nutrients such as macadamia oil into the hair. Every alternative night I use the ‘Rescue’ shampoo. The shampoo contains the same keratin protein as the ‘Bombshell Blonde’ shampoo and contains a ultra-luxe formula that gently cleanses and nourishes. These shampoos both leave my hair feeling super soft of very manageable. I have chosen to use the ‘Rescue’ conditioner always as I love the way it leaves my hair feeling. The conditioner compliments both shampoos very well and leaves my hair protected against heat.


Just like my shampoos  I alternate treatments. On the night i use the ‘Rescue’ shampoo,  I towel dry it and apply Bhave’s ‘Fresh Ends’ treatment for my spilt ends. This product is incredible! The treatment also employs the same brand-new, raw, natural keratin technology as the shampoo and conditioner. The treatment smoothes and repairs spilt ends while improving hair strength and elasticity. It leaves my hair feeling soft, silky and so manageable! The slow releasing peptides in the treatment continuously repairs damage without product buildup! It is best used on dry hair, however I often pop it into my semi dry hair and it works just the same. It smells AMAZING and always leaves my hair looking great. Its a miracle product! The following night after using the ‘Blonde Bombshell’ shampoo, I make sure I use Bhave’s ‘Super Nova’ leave-in elixir. The light and creamy treatment helps slow down the process of split ends. The miracle formula is packed with all sorts of vitamins and minerals and is so good for your hair! It has a myriad of benefits, far too many to list, and after adding this to my haircare routine my hair has never looked better!


I don’t blow dry my hair all that often, but when I do I ALWAYS make sure I apply Bhave’s ‘Riot Control Oil’. The oil is enriched with organic argentine oil and antioxidants. It fights frizz, restores shine and increases manageability tenfold. I absolutely love this oil as it allows me to blow dry my hair easily and when I’m done there are none of those pesky fly aways.


After the beach I always find my hair is knotty and difficult to manage. When this happens I use the Bhave ‘Leave-In Créme’. The créme softens, nourishes and controls my hair when it is unmanageable. It strengthens my hair and is full of nutrient rich ingredients such as organic argentine oil, macadamia oil, vitamin E and more. This is the perfect product for when my hair needs that extra bit of conditioning.


Once a week (or as often as I remember) I use the Bhave ‘Deep Intense Conditioning Masque’. The masque penetrates the hair shaft to repair and rebuild hair damage from the inside out and provides intense moisture and repairs coloured, dry and damaged hair. I absolutely love this product as it leaves my hair feeling absolutely amazing and so soft!


When I head out wit the girls and I feel like turning it up a bit or if I am heading to an event and want a little bit of volume I use Bhave’s ‘Gun Powder’. The matt styling dust delivers instant volume, texture and root boost. It keeps excess oil at bay and holds the style in place. Its a great product that I can’t recommend enough.

All Bhave products are sulphate, paraben and sodium chloride free. Bhave doesn’t test on animals and available from salons or online.

Xoxo, P&P

*Please note this post was not sponsored, the products were gifted to me. All opinions are my own.

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