World Water Day

Yesterday was World Water Day, an initiative started by the United Nations to bring attention to the global water crisis. Did you know that you are one of 6,821,325,476 people with access to clean, safe drinking water? Which means just over 663 million people do to have access to safe drinking water. Now let’s face it, this is a fashion and beauty blog so this post doesn’t really fit. However, raising awareness for this cause is so important to me. Why? Read on to find out.


Many of you don’t know this, but I am South African. I moved to Australia in 2010 with my amazing family and while I miss my birthplace, I adore living in Australia. We are so fortunate in the beautiful country to have unprecedented access to services such as clean drinking water, safe electricity and good health care – not everyone is this lucky. Don’t get me wrong, I had all of these things in South Africa too, I had a fabulous life there. However, many didn’t and unlike Australia that is something that is very visible there. Access to safe drinking water is something many of us take for granted everyday. Imagine not being able to turn on your tap and drink the water that comes out of it?

Thankyou was started in 2008 in response to the world water crisis. Eight years ago when the company opened it’s doors 900 million people did not have access to safe drinking water and through the work of this company 545,360 now have access to safe drinking water.

So why am I talking about World Water Day and the world water crisis the day after? Because I believe that World Water Day should be every day. Every day we as a privilege society should be trying to give back and help in whatever way we can. I drink a lot of bottled water so if I’m out and about and don’t have one with me or when I am stocking up the house I choose Thankyou. I choose Thankyou because I know that by me buying one bottle of water, the company can ensure someone else does too. The 600ml bottles have tracking numbers on them so you are able to track your impact and see what project you are contributing towards.

So get behind this amazing company and head down to your local Woolies or 7 Eleven to pick up some life changing water or head over to Thankyou’s website for more information.

Xoxo, P&P

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