My Skincare Routine With Bobbi Brown

When I received this package I was so excited as I have never tried Bobbi Brown’s skincare range, however I have always wondered what it was like and OH MY! It is absolutely amazing!


For the past eight weeks I have been using only a Bobbi Brown cleanser, moisturiser and remedies and I cannot believe the difference in my skin. It looks healthier, clear and feels better than ever. These products have been absolutely amazing and I strongly recommend them to anyone with skin concerns.


To start with I wash my face with the Soothing Cleansing Milk. Bobbi Brown describes this as a ‘cleanser-oil-lotion hybrid’ and it is exactly that! The cleanser is a blend of Chia Seed Oil, Narcissus and Lavender Flower Complex as well as Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Avocado oils and Jasmine Flower, to name a few. The Cleansing Milk leaves my skin feeling refreshed, supple and hydrated. Despite the description of it being a ‘cleanser-oil-lotion hybrid’ it is far from oily. The cleanser has a light-weight, creamy texture that protects the skin’s natural moisture barrier. The ingredients work together to purify and detoxify the skin while calming, comforting and maintaining the natural barrier. This has fast become my favourite face wash and is particularly great for anyone with dry, sensitive skin like me.


The Bobbi Brown Remedies were introduced this year and are by far the best kept secret around. There are six remedies – five are liquid and one is a balm. My absolute favourite is the Skin Moisture Solution which is an unique combination of Hyaluronic Acid and mineral-infused waters that always leave my skin feeling nourished and hydrated while increasing the skin’s natural moisturising factor. I also love the Skin Relief as it is calming and soothing perfect for sensitive skin like mine and it reduces redness significantly! The Red Algae complex and Seaweed work to do this while also strengthening the skin. The Skin Fortifier is also fantastic! The lipid-rich complex helps to strengthen the skin’s structure to prevent future damage while sealing in moisture. The Skin Reviver is also amazing. he protective formula helps increase the appearance of the skins vitality and enables the skin to retain antioxidants at the right levels. The Skin Clarifier is not a remedy I use all over my face, rather just on my nose as it is mainly for balancing oil levels (I have an oily nose). The formula helps unclog pores and balance oils and it does an amazing job! Finally there is the Skin Salve which is a restoring treatment for extremely dry skin. This balm helps protect and nourish severely irritated, dry or damaged skin. I often use more than one of the remedies, layering and spot treating as needed.


Following this I use the Vitamin Enriched Face Base. This oil-free formula combines the moisturising power of Shea Butter with Vitamins B, C and E. It also smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling fresh and hydrated.

These are my new go to skincare products and I cannot encourage you enough to try them if you have skin concerns.

Xoxo, P&P

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