Colorful Hair with L’Oreal

There is no doubt that colourful hair is a massive trend at the moment! There are so many versions too from pastal to bright, mermaid to peekaboo – the trends and techniques are endless. When L’Oréal Professionnel invited me to try out their new Colorful Hair service at the beautiful Circles on Fitzgerald salon I just knew I had to go! Why? Just keep reading…


Colorful Hair is a new in salon service from L’Oréal Professionnel! The temporary hair colour is applied by a hairdresser in a salon. There are seven shades that you can play with and because you are dealing with professionals they can make the colour as bold or as subtle as you like. The base shades are Pink Sorbet, Sunset Coral, Hypnotic Magenta, Electric Purple, Navy Blue, Caribbean Blue, Iced Mint, BUT the Colorful Hair Clear formula allows the colourist to tailor the shade to you so the colour can be lightened to create hundreds of different variations. The colour is temporary so you can basically try anything without a long term commitment because after 3-15 washes your natural hair colour will be back.

I wanted to go a light shade of peach so before I could have the Colourful Hair done my hair needed to be lightened. In order for my hair to stay in the best condition, the gorgeous colourist used a new treatment from L’Oréal Professionnel called Smartbond. This scientifically formulated, three step treatment is designed to protect and strengthen your hair during colouring. The results boast stronger, shiner and softer hair – all of which I have seen with my own hair. Anyway, I’m getting a bit off track here! The first step of the treatment was used in the lightning phase and mixed in with the colour meaning you can go lighter, but keep you hair in perfect condition. The second step was done as a mask at the basin after the colour had been removed and the third step is a take home conditioner that you use once or twice a week.

Once my hair was gorgeous and light, the colourful hair was applied, it sat and was then washed out. The results were gorgeous (above right)! The colour lasted two washes and I was so obsessed I went back for a second application! The second time I opted for a much brighter colour and the colour expert mixed up some bright pink and peach and the results were amazing (above left)!

Circles of Subiaco was founded 20 years ago by the gorgeous Sharlene Lee who is a master colourist and hair wizard! She has now expanded her incredible salon and created The Circles on Fitzgerald. The Fitzgerald salon is relatively new and absolutely stunning! Its modern and basically just a dream! If you want to know more about Colourful Hair you can always call up the salon on 08 6444 7640 if you’re in Perth. If not you can pop over to or call 1300 651 991.

Have you ever tried colourful hair? If not, would you? Let me know in the comments below!

Xoxo, P&P


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  1. Hang on a second!! Did I see you at the Jac and Jack store last Thursday night?! I recognise seeing that amazing multicoloured cardi! Damn it, I wish I had put two and two together, I would have come over and said hello!!! I feel like a complete snob! Sorry! If it was you that is.
    xx Jenelle

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