Loofau Scrub

Have you ever spent an hour in the shower trying to painfully scrub off your fake tan? Or maybe you sat in a bath for 20 minutes and then rubbed yourself in lemon in the vain hope that it may work. Ooooh you know those awful exfoliating mitts or those scrubs that are so abrasive you get out the shower, dry yourself and have to get back in because your skin feels like its literally on fire? Yeah I’ve tried them all and I am sure most of you fake tan lovers out there have too! Its awful and gets pretty annoying after a while, but I finally found the solution – a simple scrub from Loofau.


I’m not going to lie to you, when I saw this scrub and the results I thought ‘surely not’, I mean its not everyday you see something that promises to instantly remove fake tan using all natural ingredients that are (obvs) vegan and cruelty free in a ‘ gentle, painless and easy way’. Loofau also pride themselves on leaving your skin with NO irritation. So when the gorgeous girls at Loofau offered to send me one to try I jumped at the opportunity!

It arrived just in time for my birthday (literally 3 days after it was posted out) so naturally I HAD to use it. When I prep for fake tanning I always exfoliate first and even though this exfoliator is for removing tan I thought that I would use it in my prep too (mainly because I couldn’t find my other one hahaha). I ripped open the packet and found that the exfoliator was more like a slime – weird, but cool. I popped the glove on that arrived with it and got to scrubbing. I lightly scrubbed my body and then went about my usual shower routine knowing the biggest test would be when I got out the shower. As mentioned before when I step out the shower after using scrubs my skin feels like it is on fire and I often have to get back in because it gets so itchy, however this time I stepped out the shower and my skin felt soft and moisturised (not sore or itchy at all!). When I applied the tan later that same night it went on so easily and has never looked so flawless – no patches, dark elbows; just perfection.

I know the scrub was great, but I didn’t know just how great until it came to removing the tan. I had the same tan on for 10 days and by the time I got around to removing it, it was very patchy. I popped the glove back on and got some scrub out the bag and simply did what I had done before – gently rubbed it all over so that I would get itchy and boom, my tan was gone! Its literally the first tan remover that has removed tan in one go! I mean check out these before and afters above – so good right!! I now need a truckload!


Head over to Loofau and try it for yourself

Xoxo, P&P


*This product was a gift from the afore mentioned company. The product has been trialled before writing a review. All opinions expressed are honest and my own. This is not a sponsored post.*

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