The Prettiest Crowns Around

I recently caught up with the beautiful Michelle from Crystal Eclipse Crowns to find out more about her stunning business. These crowns are handmade here in Australia and make the most beautiful accessories – perfect for the upcoming racing season, baby showers and weddings. Keep reading to find out more and see some stunning shots of the crowns!


What inspired you to start Crystal Eclipse?

I used to wear a crown every year on my birthday, but I left them all back home when I moved (I’m from Canada). So two years ago, a few months before my birthday I decided I needed to find one, but just couldn’t find what I wanted. So I decided to make the idea in my head. I posted a photo of it online and got requests for more.. and the rest is history. I’ve now got this little baby of a business making things I absolutely adore and putting all my love and positive energy into them hoping people find that positivity when they wear them.

What makes your crowns different?

I believe that I have my own unique way of wrapping the quartz so it stays secure and am always coming up with new designs, but honestly I think what sets me apart is more about the fact that they are all made purely out of passion for my craft. I have a full time job so I am not doing this to make money, I’m doing this to make other people happy and feel like the goddesses and princesses that we all are. You’ll notice that each of my pieces has a females name associated with it. I have named each one after amazing and beautiful women that have come through my life and inspired me. They taught me strength, determination, positive energy and so much more. And I hope those things all translate to the women who then wear them.

How long does it take you to make the crowns?

It varies so much. Sometimes 10 minutes for a small clip if I am lucky and each quartz in my pile (and there will be a ton to sift through to find what works) is just obvious right away, up to an hour for the same small clip if I am just not satisfied with the esthetic. Working with natural materials is interesting and rewarding, they’re always so unique and sometimes it takes a while to put them in line and make them look perfect together, but I suppose thats natures way of telling me whats going to work for each one.

You also make the most gorgeous hair pins! Do you have any plans to expand your products range?

I am always looking to expand and the wheels are always turning. I initially started with full circular crowns, but wanted something more wearable so moved onto headbands. I also have tiara style combs, littler combs, tiny 1 quartz pins and bun cuffs. I try to very the colours as much as possible, and also love when someone messages me direct for something custom – for example adding chains around the forehead and back of the head – that was a fave!

What has been the biggest challenge thus far with starting a new business?

When I started I never intended to start a business and I suppose the challenge for me is realising thats what I’ve actually done, and that I care about it, because quite frankly I am now afraid of failing. I get worried that the market is saturated or that I haven’t made sales this week and perhaps people are over it, but I have good weeks and bad weeks. I just hope I can keep making things that make people happy, whatever they may be.

Your five star Etsy rating is amazing! How do you ensure you keep it up?

Thank you! I put a lot of love into what I make and I think people see and feel that. I also take my time with each item making sure its something I would be happy to recieve. A lot of times people message me prior to ordering with requests to have the item within the week, but my turn around time is 3 weeks prior to shipping based on volume of orders (and having a small live outside of working my day job) and I always work around those dates – whether it means staying up late one night or working when I am supposed to be making dinner, I always make it work.

You also make your crowns for children over five, is that correct? Do you Mummy and Me bundles?

I do! I have parents message me every so often looking for something that would work for their little ones and there is always something. For example, I am in my best friends wedding in November and the flower girl, her niece, will only be two but I want her to match our headpieces so I am using little alligator combs and the same quartz in the bridal crown. I cant wait to see it all come together. I usually suggest the flatter headband with the skinny quartz (can be in most colours) for younger girls just simply based on the weight and balance, but have recently made a small skinny rose quartz piece for a little girl turning 4, for her princess themed birthday. I cant wait to see how she looks, and while her mum is aware it may not stay on all night, she thinks she will love it none the less. I am always open to discount packages for multiple items, so for mummy and me, definitely.


You can check out Michelle’s creations here!

Xoxo, P&P

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