When the inspiration disappears

Do you ever feel uninspired, like everything is a chore (even the things you once loved)? Its not that I am depressed or upset, in fact I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time. However, I have this feeling deep in my stomach that something is not enough.

I know 2018 is going to be a fabulous year! I have so many plans for it including holidays, content scheduled and changes happening. However, even with all of this to look forward to I still feel like the inspiration isn’t there.

I’m not to sure how to describe it to be perfectly honest and I have no idea why I am writing it for all of you to see, but I figured maybe of someone else felt like this it would help them not feel so alone.

I LOVE what I do. Working for myself has always been a dream, but at the moment I feel like I am in this slump, kind of a ditch I guess and I just can’t climb out. I know I have the tools, the ability and the incentive to climb out, but the drive is no longer there. I feel depleted and uninspired and it worries me.

Creating content for my Instagram is something that I used to adore doing, but at the moment I am finding it so difficult. I almost feel like my photos aren’t good enough in comparison to the accounts I follow in the way they’re styled, the fact they’re shot on an iPhone and that sometimes they just don’t get seen by people (thanks Instagram). You may have noticed that lately I haven’t been posting everyday and it is largely due to this.

I have never been one to doubt myself. I have always been outspoken, confident and exceptionally bubbly, but to be honest I am feeling like this less and less lately and I honestly and truely believe it has to do with the fact that I put so much pressure on myself to be better, to be like other influencers who have better content; but I realised today that you all follow me for what I produce and I bloody love each and every one of you for that.

The world we live in at the moment, I feel, self worth is heavily based on how many likes you get on a post, your follower number or how many friends we have on Facebook. Relationships are 90% online and we don’t make enough time for one another. We need to take a step back from this and separate our self worth from our selfie likes, our number of Facebook ‘friends’ from our actual friendships and focus a little more on self love and a little less on comparing ourselves to others. Sometimes we need to remember we aren’t defined by our following, but are defined by OURSELVES. Stay in touch with your online family and friends, but focus on your tangible relationships and spread a little love every day. I think that once I put this into practice I will stop feeling uninspired and start feeling amazing again.

I didn’t set any formal resolutions this year, I am rather finding them as I go along. As mentioned in my last post one of them is not putting myself down. This week I found two more. The first is not comparing myself to others, but rather focussing on what I am good  at and striving to be better. The second is creating tangible relationships with my loved one and strengthening relationships that were lost over the past few years due to my online presence mixed with a long term injury.

This post was a bit random, I kind of woke up this morning and have been typing it out through the day so its pretty much all the word vomit. It’s out there now for every one to see and I honestly feel better. I enjoy writing my thoughts down and encourage you to try it too whether it be in a diary just for yourself, a personal blog or one for everyone to see. I hope you enjoyed this post and I promise the personal stuff will stop being so frequent!

Xoxo, P&P

PS – January has well and truely been my ‘trial’ month so February will be my official start to 2018 hahaha




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