cocoNUTS About Essano

Guess who’s ready for summer thanks to Essano’s new Coconut Oil Invigorating Body Scrub and Coconut Oil Certified Organic Gradual Tan? Yup, its ME! I’ve been using both these products for about two weeks and I absolutely LOVE them. Why I hear you ask. Well…..


These products are amazing! Both the Coconut Oil Invigorating Body Scrub and Coconut Oil Certified Organic Gradual Tan have become a staple for me in just a few weeks. They both smells amazing and do exactly what they promise to do.


The Coconut Oil Invigorating Body Scrub is loaded with natural goodness such as Frangipani, Paw Paw, Coconut, Argan and Macadamia Oils. The body scrub gently buffs away dead skin and impurities with super fine coconut shell. This means the exfoliator does not contain microbeads which are bad for the environment, but rather the shell of a coconut making it good for the environment and even better for your skin! Exfoliating before tanning is an essential part of a good tanning routine. It ensures that tan goes on evenly and doesn’t leave you looking blotchy.


The Coconut Oil Certified Organic Gradual Tan builds a natural glow and the fast-absorbing, low oder. The Certified Organic moisturiser is loaded with everything you need to keep your skin healthy and tan looking fresh such as Coconut Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Cocoa Butter. These ingredients nourish and hydrate the skin to ensure your tan lasts longer. I find that it this alone doesn’t get me as dark as I like to be so I apply my preferred fake tan beforehand and use this to maintain it. I pop this moisturiser on my whole body every night and my fake tan now lasts between 10 and 12 days (so good).


I love both these products and have been reaching for them every day. Essano is Australia’s number one skincare brand and it is so easy to see why. The amazing formulas, natural products and gorgeous packaging makes them a must have for every bathroom shelf. I highly recommend both these products to anyone who loves to fake tan and the exfoliator is perfect even if you don’t! Take some time out and treat yourself to a little pamper session – trust me, it’ll leave you feeling amazing!

Xoxo, Angie

*These products were kindly gifted to me by Essano. This is an unpaid post and all opinions are my own.

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