Monochrome Favs

Can you believe it’s already March?! I am pretty sure I say this every year, but where has this year gone? I thought I would welcome March by sharing some of my current favourite products with you guys.


I am loving anything to get my skin glowing at the moment and apparently so is everyone else. Brands such as MAC, Bobbi Brown, Alpha H, Shhh Silk and so many more are all embracing the new glow up trend with fantastic products that I am obsessed with.

MAC have just launch THE most glowiest palette I have ever seen and I am here for it. The Hyper Real Glow palettes are AH-MAZING. The pigment on the highlights is insane and the colours are absolutely stunning! These swatches do not do it justice at all!

Bobbi Brown products have always been a firm favourite of mine (way to state the obvious I know). Their new(ish) glow range has blown my socks off – it is amazing! The highlighter is a gorgeous shade and the skincare palette is probably the handiest little thing I have ever come across, but the stand out in this release (for me anyway) was the Illuminating Moisture Balm. This is one of my newest HG products. I use it under my foundation every day for some extra glow as well as a soft highlighter occasionally.

If you have been following me for a while you’ll know that while I trial a lot of skin products, I always come back to Alpha H. Their products are my favourite and the new vitamin serums are to die for! I have been using them for about three months now and my skin is looking healthier than ever with less pigment and more glow. The Liquid Rose Gold hand cream is now a must have for me. I have dermatitis on my hands and they peel at the drop of a hat. Since I have started using this they have been smooth and absolutely perfect!


The Micro Delivery Detoxifying Oxygen Peel by Philosophy is a skincare secret I swear by! The mask is designed to deliver the purifying benefits of a detoxifying mask with the brightening benefits of an oxygen facial in this two-step peel. My skin always feels silky smooth and perfect after using this mask. A little goes a long way and it really is worth the price

Lastly, I swear by my Shhh Silk pillowcase. I mean if its good enough for Kimmy K it is basically the height of perfection right? This silky smooth pillowcase allows me to wake up every morning with a crease free face and frizz free hair.

What are some of your beauty favs? Let me know on my latest Instagram post!

Xoxo, Angie

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