Why I Don’t Call Myself A Blogger

If you ask me what my job is I’ll probably say something along the lines of ‘freelancer’, ‘writer’ or ‘amateur photographer’. It’s never ‘blogger’ or ‘influencer’ and here’s why…

To tell you the truth I’m a bit uncomfortable with the term and the connotations it brings up. If you ask someone what a blogger does they’ll probably tell you that they ‘don’t do much but eat out and get free stuff’. While this is partially true – I am gifted amazing products and do get to go to gorgeous restaurants, I don’t ‘do nothing’. In fact my day looks a lot like a conventional day in the office – I reply to emails, send invoices, negotiate contracts and go to meetings. I guess the main difference is that the outcome of that work is published online for all of you to see. Being a blogger isn’t my full time job – probably my 75% with the 25% being my little start up.

I don’t refer to myself as an ‘blogger’ or ‘influencer’ as many people don’t think it’s a ‘real job’ and while it may not be for some it has become one for me. I mean I used to have a ‘real job’, but I got really sick and can’t work full time anymore so I have turned my blog into a side business. It was never my intention to be a blogger, when I was at uni that wasn’t even an option. I decided that I didn’t actually want an ordinary job and after completing both my uni degrees I was done with the industry I had studied. So I did another degree and didn’t like it. I’m now on my fourth degree and guess what – I don’t like it. But this, this I love and I am SO incredibly lucky to be able to have this life. My intention was never to start a blog for a job, it started as a passion project and grew to this! Anyway let’s get back on topic – I am the best at going off on tangents!

The other day I was at a social gathering with some friends and some people I had never met before. When asked my job I decided to do an experiment – to half the new faces I said I was a freelance writer and photographer. This was met with amazement and excitement about what I do and how it’s such a cool job. I was ask positive questions about what I write, what I take photos of and how I do it. To the other half I said I was a blogger. This was met with scoffs, laughs and that confused face people make when they’re thinking ‘wtf’ but don’t say it. And that right there, that is why I don’t tell people what I do. Some ask if it’s a viable career and what I’ll do when it ends because ‘you can’t do this forever’. You know what – maybe I can’t, but while I can why not! And when I can’t I’m pretty sure one of my four degrees will stand me in good stead. So next time you ask someone what they do and they reply with an unconventional job – don’t be a dick. Let’s spread more love and embrace what people do.

Xoxo, Sassy Ang

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