Your Hair Questions Answered

I get sent questions about my hair almost daily about my hair so I thought I would answer some of them in this post today!


Thanks to the amazing people at Circles of Hair, my hair never looks anything short of fabulous! You guys so often send through questions so I thought I would answer them here!

Q1 – Who does your hair?

Honestly all the hair artists at Circles are AMAZING so I don’t see anyone in particular. Sharlene (the gorgeous owner) trains all her staff equally so they all have amazing skills! I do always ask to see someone who is fab with blondes as I obvs have blonde hair. So far I have seen Rachel, Jessie, and Imogen for colouring as well as a few of the other girls for styling.

Q2 – How do you keep your hair looking healthy?

I colour my hair (mainly because its a mousey brown colour that I am not a huge fan of) so keeping it healthy is very important to me. Circles of Hair uses a treatment by L’Oréal called Smart Bond. This scientifically formulated, three step treatment is designed to protect and strengthen your hair during colouring. The results boast stronger, shiner and softer hair – all of which I have seen with my own hair. The first step of the treatment is used in the colouring phase and mixed in with the colour. The second step was done as a mask at the basin after the colour had been removed and the third step is a take home conditioner that you use once or twice a week.

Q3 – What products do you use?

I use products that my hairdresser recommends as the hairdresser really does know best when it comes to your hair. I do still test products, but I go armed with a list of products I have used since the last time I had my hair coloured as some products can cause a build up on your hair. I also chat with the hairdresser about upcoming products that I will be testing and double check if they are right for my hair.

Q4 – What colours do you ask for?

Hahaha I love this question because I honestly have no idea how to answer it! I have no clue what colours I ask for. Usually I just say ‘blonde’ and let the hairdresser work her magic. I am pretty sure all the colours have names and numbers, I just don’t know which ones I get.

Q5 – Do you take pictures of inspo?

To be honest, I don’t know if I am the type of client hairdressers love or hate. I show up to the appointment with nothing and just ask for what I want. In saying that though I have never had a massive change. The lovely ladies always chat through what they are doing and check if I am ok with it. Most of the time I say “uhh whatever you think” and let them work their magic.

Q6 – Have you ever had a bad experience?

Yes, yes and YES! I think we all have had that awkward moment when the hairdresser is done and asks if you like it and you say yes, but then get in the car and cry haha. However, I can happily say I have NEVER had this experience at either of the Circles salons.

Q7 – How often do you have your hair done?

I have my hair done every 8-10 weeks and a toner done as needed to avoid brassy tones.

Q8 – Have you ever had extensions and if so would you recommend them?

I have never had extensions so I can’t exactly recommend them, however I have thought about it and had long chats with the girls at Circles. If you are thinking of getting extensions I would recommend chatting to an expert (like on of the girls at Circles) to figure out what is best for you and for your hair.

Circles of Subiaco was founded 20 years ago by the gorgeous Sharlene Lee who is a master colourist and hair wizard! She has now expanded her incredible salon and created The Circles on Fitzgerald with Jess Del Borrello. Both salons are absolutely gorgeous full of amazing staff who listen, genuinely have the best knowledge and understand the latest styles and trends. I can honestly tell you I have never been into one of the salons and left feeling like I have any uncertainties, questions or concerns.

You can see more info on the salons on their website and don’t forget to check out their AMAZING creations on their Instagram.

Xoxo, Angie

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