My New Hair

We’ve all been there right? The dread of wasting a whole day at the hair salon while you get your hair refreshed (ok not the whole day but like 5 hours)… Well the clever people at L’Oreal have launched their latest innovation and Maurice Meade invited me along to trial the exclusive service.


I popped into Me by Maurice Meade to try out the Instant Highlights and while I was there I found out they are SO much more than your ordinary salon! The salon offers everything from hair, nails and spray tans to beauty services such as facials, waxing and Botox – how awesome is that?! Anyway back to my hair and the highlights!

I started the appointment with a Personalised Colour Chemistry test to check my undertones. This helps the hairdresser figure out the best colour to pop into your hair! Don’t  worry if you ask for blonde you’ll still blonde, it just determines whether that blonde should be warm or cool! The pink shows your cooler tones and the orange reveals warm tones. We determined pretty quickly that I have cool undertones (not that you can tell very well from the photos).


Next up the girls used this genius little camera by Kerastase on my hair. The camera compares my roots and ends to some of the most common conditions which as dandruff, oiliness, dryness, breakage and more! I found this super interesting as what I had thought to be true was in fact not! I always thought I had oily hair, but it turns out I don’t! This camera is amazing especially for people like myself who were using the incorrect products for their hair type.


After finding my undertones and determining my hair type it was time for L’Oréal Instant Highlights! These highlights are quick, easy and look fab. They’re unlike your normal highlights as they process in just 10-15 seconds (instead of 45 minutes plus like traditional highlights). The process is just three steps and is uber fast – perfect for mums, business people and anyone who is time poor or just gets bored sitting for hours. The service is also great for first time colour users, balayage refresh and occasion hair! These highlights take just 30 minutes from application to rinse and can lighten the hair up to SIX shades! The steps are simple

  1. Colour is mixed up, Smartbond added and then it is applied to the hair (which rests on a foil). The second foil is applied to the top.
  2. Using a special iron the heat is applied to the foils
  3. Once this is done, they open up the foil to check and may leave it for 10 minutes and then it’s rinsed off with Smartbond step two used.

There are four different options on the highlight menu and they are all gorgeous

  • Insta Revive – revives and brightens brown our ombré or balayage for a quick refresh
  • Insta Contouring – instantly frames the face and accentuates facial features with clever colour techniques and colour placement
  • Insta Lights – adds beautiful strands of colour for a perfectly sunkissed effect or to gently brighten the overall look
  • Insta Pop – adds a pop of colour throughout the hair from subtle pastels to bold statement shades

I had an Insta Revive to freshen up my balayage and I’m in love with the results and the time it took! Following on from this my hair was coloured further using a Zone Tone. Zone Tone is a technique used where the hair is lightened (using the Instant Highlights) and after the colour is rinsed, three different colour toners are mixed to create dimension and tone throughout the blonde so it doesn’t look flat! This option is perfect for anyone who loves low maintenance colour as it grows out with the foils!


We then did the cut! You guys all know I have been keen for a change for a while so I changed my parting to a middle one and cut chin bangs (which will go shorter next time I am in). This was one of the best salons experiences I have had with the girls having an abundance of knowledge!

And you guys LOOK AT MY HAIR!!!!! I am obsessed! Like seriously it is just perfection. I have never been so happy with the results of a hairdresser visit! Oh and check out the before and after below – how amazing! It looks so much lighter, brighter and healthier than before! Ahhh I love it

If you are looking to try something new, need a bit of a refresh or just feel like having a chat about your products I would recommend popping into one of the Maurice Meade salons and seeing what they can do for you! You can find out more about Instant highlights and everything Maurice Meade salons offer here

Xxx Angie

*This post was not sponsored. A hair treatment was kindly gifted for consideration. All opinions are my own

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