A Serene Experience With Uspa

Uspa invited me along to Serene Day Spa to indulge in their signature facial and I cannot recommend it enough! My skin is glowing and I have never felt more relaxed!


There is nothing like a fantastic facial to leave your skin glowing, but imagine if that facial included a foot soak AND back massage as standard? Sounds unreal right?! Well Serene Day Spa have made it possible with their Serene Signature Facial using the beautiful Uspa products available in spa. All the products mentioned in this post are all Uspa products and are available online or at Serene Day Spa.

The facial begins with a soothing foot soak and scrub using the Wild Thyme and Peppermint Exfoliating Foot Scrub. The foot scrub relieves tired, hot feet and legs thanks to the cooling essential oils of Peppermint and Eucalyptus. The Aloe Vera and ground Pumice soften, hydrate and smooth the skin. This is followed by my HG body butter, the Cocoa Seed and Coconut Rich Body Butter. This moisturiser is uber thick and perfect for dry skin thanks to the Coconut Oil, Cocoa Seed Butter and Vitamin E.


This scrub is followed by the most relaxing back massage. Seriously if you are stressed, tense, need a relax go see the girls at Serene – they know what they’re doing! Anyway during my amazing back massage Hannah (my gorgeous skin therapist) used the Immortelle and Jojoba Revitalising Dry Body Oil. The body oil is a base of luxe plant oils that is blended with Immortelle Extract to visibly improve the appearance of dry and damage skin.

As if I wasn’t already relaxed enough it was now time to start the facial! The facial starts with a double cleanse using the Awaken Foam Cleanser and the Nourish Cream Cleanser to ensure the skin is free of excess oils, impurities, makeup and environmental pollutants. Both cleansers left my skin feeling cleanse, nourished and protected. The Nourish Cream Cleanser was my favourite as it soothed my redness and uber creamy. The double cleanse isn’t just like ‘ok here is a face wash rub rub rub’, but rather a massage. The product is massaged into the skin for the maximum benefit and the massage is simply amazing!

Once your face is cleaner than its ever been the Revitalising Facial Polish is applied. This duel action exfoliant brightens, smooths, renews and protects the skin. This is followed by the Rejuvenating Micro-Exfoliant which is a lightweight micro-exfoliant that restores freshness and clarity to the skin leaving it soft, smooth and luminous.


Now that my skin was radiating and every single pore was clean it was time for a mask. My skin gets a bit dry in winter so the Hydrating Mud Mask Therapy was applied as the active clay is designed to cleanse and hydrate dry skin. The combinations of clay, Sea Kelp and Cocoa Seed Butter removes impurities leaving the skin feeling plumped, balanced and soothed without drying. I was gifted this mask by Uspa a while ago and have been using it twice a week ever since. I absolutely love it as it is a clay mask that doesn’t dry my skin out!

Following the mask the Soothing Hydro-Mist is spritzed onto the skin to provide further hydration for tired and stressed skin. The mist tones, balances, hydrates, soothes and purifies – literally everything you could ever want in a mist making it my new go to! The Hydramax Elixir is the second last step in this amazing facial and is applied to with a massage focussing on your pressure points. The Elixir is highly nourishing and restores the oil balance to dry skin. The final step in this facial is the beautiful Intensive Moisture Cream. This moisturiser nourishes dry skin for a fresh, subtle appearance. It also smooths fine lines and boosts hydration levels.

I have honestly never felt so relaxed before. I literally felt like an entire weight had been lifted off my body! Following my treatment I enjoyed some tea and a snack in the plushest robe I have ever worn before (reluctantly) returning to the real world.

My love for Uspa products is now through the roof and knowing that I can get them from an amazing spa just around the corner makes it even better! Serene Day Spa has been a Scarborough icon for 20 years! It has just undergone renovations and the interior is to die for! Honestly the spa doesn’t look like much from the outside (nothing ever really does I guess), but once you walk in you no longer feel like you’re near anything. It is peaceful, quiet and absolutely stunning. The girls their have such fantastic knowledge of my skin, their products and everything they do, I felt so comfortable. The spa offers everything from massages to eyebrow tinting! If you are in Perth I would recommend this spa in a heartbeat.


Thank you so much to Uspa and Serene Day Spa for an amazing treatment! Something I will be having done again soon for sure!

Xoxo, Angie

I was kindly invited to experience this facial by Uspa. This post is not paid and all opinions are my own. Product images used are from the Uspa website and are not my own. All other images are mine. This post does NOT contain affiliate links.



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