Q&A with Maurice Meade’s Head Colourist

After the last time I got my hair done at Maurice Meade and wrote a post all about my new hair I got so many questions from you guys I decided to so a Q&A!  So when I went in recently I had a chat with Ashley, the head colourist at Maurice Meade in Karrinyup and here’s how it went down…


You asked… Who does your hair?

Angie says… Ashley at Maurice Meade Karrinyup is my hair angel! Seriously she is amazing and my hair has never been healthier!

You asked… What products can you use to boost your hairs health?

Ashley says… Smartbond for strong, shiny hair with less breakage! This is an in salon and at home treatment that I swear by! Using the correct shampoo and conditioner is essential as well as once a week using a treatment mask that is also right for your hair. If you aren’t sure of your hair type, just pop into a Maurice Meade salon and they can do a hair and sculp camera for free! And don’t forget to use heat protectant when using tools such as hair dryers and straighteners as that protects from breakage.

You asked… Can you explain Zone Toning more?

Ashley says… Zone toning is toning the hair. It’s a new word and a fairly new concept, but what it entails is toning the hair in a certain way. You don’t tone the whole head in the same colour, rather you tone different zones different colours so you’re toning in ways that will give you a certain result like a balayage. Zone toning is a tone for result not an all over tone.

You asked… How often should you have your hair done?

Ashley says… Every four to six weeks to maintain a gorgeous colour. You can go longer but it just depends how you want to maintain the hair.

You asked… Do Maurice Meade do extensions?

Ashley says… Yes, we do tape extensions. The best part is that you dont have to have a full head, just a few may work for you. It depends on the look you want to achieve. You have have some just around the face for some length and volume if you’re bored of your style or a full head to really amp up the volume/length.

You asked…Apart from hair what other services do Maurice Meade offer

Ashley says… All our salons offer makeup, Personalised Colour Chemistry, chemical straightening, hair treatments and hair analysis. Our Me by Maurice Meade salons offer waxing, brows, lash tints, tanning, nails (both acrylic and gel), facials and even botox. Our Maurice Meade salons are all focussed on creating the perfect you with the Me by Maurice Meade salons offering everything you need for a complete relaxation day thats all about you.

You asked… If I wanted to go a completely different colour would the girls in salon be able to guide the transformation safely and how long would it take?

Ashely says… Of course! Our colourists would be able to determine the length of time we can safely take you to a new colour! The timing really depends on your hair. It could be a year, it could be a few months – its all about the condition! You cant go from black to blonde in one day as that would just destroy you hair! Maurice Meade are all about the hair and its condition not just results in one sitting. Its about maintaining the hair healthily, making sure the colour will work with your lifestyle and if it’ll suit you.

You asked… Do hairdressers prefer it when you take pictures for them?

Ashely says… Yeah it definitely helps as it gives the hairdresser more to work with. If you bring a picture in, a Personalised Colour Chemistry test will be done before to ensure the colour will suit you. Having a look at your lifestyle photos are important as it lets the colourist know if the colour will be manageable in your day to day life.

You asked… Are instant highlights better for your hair than traditional highlights?

Ashley says… They’re different. They create two different results so they have the same impact on your hair, just different techniques so one is not better than the other.

You asked… How is Smartbond different to Olaplex?

Ashley says… Smartbond and Olaplex are different brands. Smartbond is a L’Oreal product so it works well with L’Oreal colours. Smartbond is also a newer product so it has better technology in it and give better results.

I really want to grow my hair! What are the products and ways I can do this?

Angie says… Keep your eyes peeled for next time I see Ashely as this is our next chat!

I hope this answered all your questions that you had! If not you can always shoot me a DM and I will be sure to ask Ashley next time I’m in!

Xoxo, Angie

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