Smashbox Primers

About a month ago Mecca Maxima sent me the most amazing PR package containing  TEN amazing Smashbox Primers so naturally I tried them all out and here is what I think…


When this package arrived at my door I was SO excited!! I have been a long time lover of Smashbox, but had only ever used one primer. Smashbox’s best-selling primers have all had a makeover so that finding your perfect primer is easier than ever! With a primer for every skin type and foundation finish there is something for everyone! I posted a poll on my Instastory and you all voted for one big post when I had used them all so here are my thoughts…


The Photo Finish Mattify Primer Stick is formulated for oily complexions. The mattifying primer keeps oil at bay without drying the skin out! I don’t have oily skin in general, however I do have an oily t-zone so I used this on my t-zone for a week and oh my! The results were awesome. I always find that by the end of the day the foundation on my nose, chin and middle of my forehead (the t-zone area) is gone, however when wearing this primer it kept my makeup in place for a full 12 hours. I then gave the primer to my sister to try as she has oily skin in general and she fell in love. She claims its now her lifesaver as the primer doesn’t dry her skin out and it holds her foundation in place all day. Oh and she is refusing to give it back so she it must be love as she doesn’t wear much makeup and this was her first ever primer!!


The Photo Finish Primer Oil is one of my favourites! The primer is formulated with 15 essential and lipid-rich plant oils to hydrate the skin and allow for easy foundation application. The primer gives you the most beautiful, dewy finish before you even apply foundation! It seamlessly shines through the foundation for a radiant glow! On lazy days I just wear this without foundation! It is such a beautiful product and has my dry winter skin feeling amazing!


This has to be my number one go to, can’t live without, would take to a desert island product! The Photo Finish Primerizer is a game changing 2-in-1 product that I love. The product is ultra-lightweight and increases the skins moisture by 127% while acting as a makeup magnet! The non-greasy, fast-absorbing product provides 24 hour hydration along with some fantastic priming powers! The Primerizer leaves my skin feeling hydrated even after I have removed my makeup after a long day. It also holds my makeup in place beautifully and is the perfect primer for anyone with dry skin!


The Photo Finish Primer Water is like an energy drink for the skin! It is infused with electrolytes to refresh, hydrate, prime and prep the skin. I prefer to use a cream based primer rather than a spritz primer so I have been using this as a setting spray and it extends the wear of my makeup so well! I have been loving how radiant and smooth it leaves my skin. The spritz can be used under makeup which creates a beautiful, sheer canvas for your foundation application.


The Photo Finish Radiance Primer is the one I have been using the most lately and I absolutely LOVE it! The primer is made for anyone who loves a good glow! The primer preps and primes while replenishing the skins moisture for long term radiance. The formulation is infused with 4k, high-def sphere to defuse light and blur imperfections! The blend of hyaluronic acid and Shea Butter boosts the skins hydration with the microfine amber and bronze pearls saturating the skin for an ultra-flattering glow.


The Photo Finish Reduce Redness Primer is a green-toned primer that color-corrects redness, blurs pores and fine lines while evening out the skintone. The primer is a blend of vitamins A and E to help protect the skin from environmental pollutants, damage and stress. I love this primer, it significantly reduces my facial redness and when using this I can forgo colour correcting!


The Photo Finish Minimize Pores is the perfect pore minimising primer (obvs)! The primer dramatically blurs and reduces the appearance of pores instantly stays that way for up to 8 hours! The non-drying formula is probably my favourite part as well as the fact that it absorbs oil all day for flawless, shine-free skin! I have fairly average size pores and I noticed such a difference so I decided to give some to a friend who has large pores and she LOVED it! I popped some in a sample jar and she has now gone and bought the full size item as she says it minimised her pores so well and her makeup applied perfectly. By the end of the day she usually feels she only has makeup left in her pores, but with this she said her face was perfect all day!


Another stand out favourite for me is the Photo Finish Super Light Primer! The super lightweight, oil-free primer smooths the skin and creates a soft focus finish for flawless makeup application. This aqua-based, oil-free primer contains peptides and vitamin C to protect the skin while controlling shine. I love how this primer absorbs unwanted oils and mattifies the skin allowing my foundation to last all day!


The cult favourite Photo Finish Even Skintone primer corrects the skin tone, contracts darkness and brightens the skin to deliver a silky smooth finish. I love how this apricot-toned primer colour corrects, reduces the appearance of the fine lines (mainly around my eyes) and counteracts the look of both my dark spots and dark circles. The lightweight formula contains a blend of Vitamin A and E to hydrate and prime the skin.


And last, but certainly not least the Photo Finish SPF Foundation Primer. This award-winning multi-purpose primer creates the perfect canvas for makeup application and its SPF 20, which I LOVE! The primer features anti-acing properties and broad spectrum SPF to protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays. The revolutionary formula contains Smashbox’s patented Demaxyl advanced peptide complex to aid in the reduction of wrinkles over time. I am a huge lover of SPF so this lightweight primer is fast becoming one of my favourites!

There really is something for everyone in this amazing range!

Xoxo, Angie

This pack was kindly gifted to me by Mecca Maxima and Smashbox. As usual all opinions are my own. None of the links in this post are affiliate links. Please note all the links direct you to the Mecca Maxima website. Some of the packaging may look different on the website, however the products are the same.