How I grew my hair 10cm in three months

You read that title and though “yeah right” didn’t you? I would too, but seriously it happened! For three months I used the Kerastase Extansioniste range exclusively on my hair and the results don’t lie. My hair is longer, thicker and so much healthier!

The treatment promises 99% less breakage from day one and it lives up to that promise. The clever Extentioniste treatment looks for the ‘pain points’ in your hair, points where the hair looks like it may break. The product then coats and strengthens these bits.

The three month training program is done in salon and at home with the products lasting me the whole three months! The only product that did not last the full three months was the shampoo, which lasted two and a half months and I used an 80ml sample for the remainder! The program starts with you having the first treatment, Protocole Extentioniste (no1 and no2), in one of the amazing Maurice Meade salons. This is the rinse out treatment that is performed in salon once every three months.


You are then given five products to use at home. It sounds daunting, but I mean that includes the shampoo and conditioner so technically its only three. I swapped out my old shampoo and conditioner for the three months and exclusively used the Extentioniste shampoo and conditioner. Almost. I still used my L’Oreal Smartbond treatment once a week as Ash (my fabulous hair fairy) suggested. I LOVED the Bain Extentioniste (shampoo). The strengthening shampoo left my hair looking longer and healthier. The shampoo strengthens the hair’s internal structure and seals the hair for greater protection as it grows. The shampoo increases hair elasticity and strength from root to tip improving the natural strength and purifies the scalp.


This is followed by the Fonant Extentioniste (conditioner). This light and creamy conditioner is a restorative hair treatment that is gentle and effective. It detangles the hair beautifully for an easy comb through without breakage. The conditioner is enriched with Ceramides and Maleic Acid that increases the hair length. The conditioner helps increase the hair’s natural fibre and increases elasticity and strength from root to tip! The nourishing properties are next level!!


Now as for the other three products, they’re easy to fit into you routine. I left mine on the bathroom counter so I didn’t forget about them and slotted them into my beauty routine with ease. The Masque Extentioniste is just to be used once a week. I LOVED this mask in the end, but in the beginning it made my hair so oily because I was using it too close to my roots! The deep, restorative masque works well and leaves the hair looking luscious, shiny and oh-so-healthy! The masque is enriched with Creatine R and Maleic Acid to repair split ends and prevent breakage, improving the natural fibre of the hair and sealing the hair cuticles .


Twice a week I used the Serum Extentioniste, which are leave in drops that strengthens and fortifies the hair to reduce breakage. These drops are AMAZING and didn’t leave my hair oily at all (one of my biggest fears)! They help protect the scalp from environmental aggressors.


I use the Serum Therapiste every time I wash my hair and I have stuck with this one even after ending the treatment program as I LOVE it! The serum is the perfect final step as it protects against heat  (up to 230°) and adds that extra dose of softness to the mid-lengths and ends. The product can be applied to both dry and damp hair.

During the treatment I popped a ‘schedule’ up on my bathroom mirror so I would remember when to use what. I absolutely LOVED this program. Feels weird saying that, but the products were seriously amazing because they worked!! The only downside to this program was its not made for blondes so my hair did get a bit brassy, but we just sorted that out with a quick tone when I went to have the Protocole Extentioniste treatment.

The program can be used for longer than three months. During the three months you are guaranteed at least four centimetres of growth. My hair grew a MASSIVE 9.88CM!! The scientifically proven regime is amazing and I would highly recommend it for anyone wanting to grow their hair!


Seriously – how AMAZING is that transformation! I started the program in July and did not cut my hair until the final measurement in October (it is cut in the October photo above). You can’t see it, but my hair is healthier than ever, shiny and so manageable! Pop into one of the Maurice Meade salons to find out how you can grow your hair and get it looking healthier than ever!

Xoxo, Angie

These products and services were gifted to me for review. I have used all the products for at least three months before this review. All opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post.

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  1. Wow! Those results are amazing! I knew Kérastase made excellent products, but that’s really impressive.

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