Loofau Scrub

Have you ever spent an hour in the shower trying to painfully scrub off your fake tan? Or maybe you sat in a bath for 20 minutes and then rubbed yourself in lemon in the vain hope that it may work. Ooooh you know those awful exfoliating mitts or those scrubs that are so abrasive you get out the shower, dry yourself and have to get back in because your skin feels like its literally on fire? Yeah I’ve tried them all and I am sure most of you fake tan lovers out there have too! Its awful and gets pretty annoying after a while, but I finally found the solution – a simple scrub from Loofau.

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Colorful Hair with L’Oreal

There is no doubt that colourful hair is a massive trend at the moment! There are so many versions too from pastal to bright, mermaid to peekaboo – the trends and techniques are endless. When L’Oréal Professionnel invited me to try out their new Colorful Hair service at the beautiful Circles on Fitzgerald salon I just knew I had to go! Why? Just keep reading…

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Peony Parcel Botanical Edition

I have been a fan of subscription boxes since I was introduced to them a few years back, however after a few disappointing boxes I sort of gave up on the whole thing until I came across Peony Parcel. Peony Parcel is a relatively new subscription box with 10% of every box sold donated to a charity (how amazing?!) and an Instagram feed full of gorgeous images!

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Eye Öf Hörus

If you’ve been following the blog for a while you’ll know that I love Eye Öf Hörus Cosmetics! Their new brow essential pack is my go to and the award winning eyeliners are incredible! Why? Click below to find out…

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Bobbi Brown Havana Brights Collection

It’s a new month so naturally its time for a new collection from the amazing Bobbi Brown. This month’s collation is Havana Brights, a gorgeous capsule inspired by the vibrant colours and energy of Havana.

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Napoleon Perdis Haul

I recently ran out of a bunch of my go to products and the lovely ladies at Napoleon Perdis sent me some of my all time favourites as well as some new products that I’ve fallen in love with. So what did I get? Read on to find out…

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My Skincare Routine With Bobbi Brown

When I received this package I was so excited as I have never tried Bobbi Brown’s skincare range, however I have always wondered what it was like and OH MY! It is absolutely amazing!

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