cocoNUTS About Essano

Guess who’s ready for summer thanks to Essano’s new Coconut Oil Invigorating Body Scrub and Coconut Oil Certified Organic Gradual Tan? Yup, its ME! I’ve been using both these products for about two weeks and I absolutely LOVE them. Why I hear you ask. Well….. Continue reading “cocoNUTS About Essano”

Loofau Scrub

Have you ever spent an hour in the shower trying to painfully scrub off your fake tan? Or maybe you sat in a bath for 20 minutes and then rubbed yourself in lemon in the vain hope that it may work. Ooooh you know those awful exfoliating mitts or those scrubs that are so abrasive you get out the shower, dry yourself and have to get back in because your skin feels like its literally on fire? Yeah I’ve tried them all and I am sure most of you fake tan lovers out there have too! Its awful and gets pretty annoying after a while, but I finally found the solution – a simple scrub from Loofau.

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A skincare revolution?

Blackout Mask claim to be a skincare revolution so I decided to put their masks to the test. The Australian brand was created due to a lack of high quality, affordable, natural masks so the gorgeous creators decided to do something about it. Interested to know how it turned out? Just keep reading…

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Hamilton Sunscreen review

What does being an Australian mean to you? To me it means getting out there, enjoying the beach and being active (especially during the warm summer months). However, with Australia’s notorious sun it is so important to ensure that sun protection is our top priority which is why I choose Hamilton Sunscreen.

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Winter Skin Saviours

Winter is often the time most people struggle with their skin. The dry month means your skin can feel tight, uncomfortable and look flakey. Thankfully I did not have this problem for very long this winter as I found some amazing products that have kept my skin hydrated and healthy!

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